Can Foreclosure Mediation Help Me Keep My House?

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Unfortunately, many people in the state of New Jersey find themselves in significant debt that they cannot pay off and at risk of losing their homes. If you find yourself in this situation, the smartest thing you can do is reach out to an attorney who can help you understand your options and the best way to proceed. For many, they can resolve their financial issues through a process known as foreclosure mediation, which is not filing for bankruptcy. If you would like to learn more about foreclosure mediation in New Jersey and whether it may be a viable option for you, read on and consider talking to a competent Bergen County foreclosure mediation lawyer from the Law Office of Boyd & Squitieri today.

What is a loan negotiator, and how can he help with foreclosure mediation?

To start, let’s talk about the general definition of foreclosure mediation. Essentially, in New Jersey, those who find themselves at risk of losing their homes may enter foreclosure mediation, a process whereby they, their attorney, the mortgage company’s attorney, and a representative from the mortgage company will attend a mediation session over the phone. During mediation, we will work to prove that you are a qualifying homeowner and that you, therefore, qualify for a loan modification, enabling you to keep your home.

Trying to negotiate a modification to your loan with your bank on your own is a daunting and overwhelming process. Banks will do whatever they can to make as much as they can, and you can bet they will hold your feet to the fire. Fortunately, however, a competent loan negotiator in your corner who is familiar with their tactics and approach can effectively fight for the mortgage assistance you need.

Our legal team has over a quarter of a century of experience representing clients just like you, and we’re prepared to put that experience to work in your case as well. If you have further questions about foreclosure mediation or would like to speak with an attorney to see if you’ll qualify, please don’t hesitate to give our seasoned legal team a call. We are on your side, and you have our pledge to be, every step of the way.


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