What Are the Penalties for Child Molestation in New Jersey?

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Child molestation is just about the most heinous criminal charge a person can face. Read on and contact a New Jersey child molestation lawyer from our firm today to learn more about the penalties for these charges and how we can help them fight them and preserve your reputation. Here are some of the questions you may have:

Is there only one child molestation charge in New Jersey?

No, there are several. They include first-degree child sexual assault, second-degree child sexual assault, third-degree child endangerment or sexual contact, and fourth-degree criminal sexual contact upon a child. First-degree charges are the most severe, but all of these charges can impact your life for years, and often permanently, upon being found guilty.

What are the penalties for child molestation charges in New Jersey?

The penalties you face will depend on the severity of your charges. The penalties you may face are as follows:

  • First-degree child sexual assault: 25 years to life incarceration
  • Second-degree child sexual assault: Between five and 10 years of incarceration
  • Third-degree child endangerment or sexual contact: Between three and five years of incarceration
  • Fourth-degree criminal sexual content upon a child: Up to 18 months of incarceration

Note that if you are found guilty of any of the aforementioned charges, you’ll also have to register as a sex offender and you will potentially be placed on community or parole supervision for life. Registering as a sex offender will, effectively, ruin your life, as prospective employers, as well as the general public, will know what you did, where you live, and more.

The bottom line is that regardless of the charges you’re facing, you need a New Jersey sex crimes attorney in your corner. You have so much on the line; you simply can’t afford to proceed without a firm knowledgeable in this specific field of criminal law. The Law Office of Boyd & Squitieri is prepared to fight for you and your rights, every step of the way. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call so we can begin working on your case.


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