What Does it Mean if Someone is Convicted of a Megan’s Law Offense?

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Convicted sex offenders can face years of life-altering penalties. When someone is convicted of a crime, they will have to register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law. Typically, registering as a sex offender entails the general public knowing what crime you committed, being alerted when you move into their neighborhood, and more. If you’ve had to register as a sex offender and are looking to get your name off the registry, or you’ve been charged with a sex crime and are looking to fight your charges to prevent becoming a registered sex offender, do not hesitate to contact our New Jersey sex crimes attorney today to discuss your case. At The Law Office of Boyd & Squitieri, we are equipped to help you and your future, and we will fight for your rights, every step of the way. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What is Megan’s Law?

Megan’s Law requires anyone who has been convicted of a sex offense to register as a sex offender with their local police department. This law publicizes your offense so that the general public can typically obtain information regarding your offense, where you live, and more. As expected, this can have a detrimental impact on one’s life, especially if they were wrongfully accused of a crime they simply didn’t commit.

Can I be removed from the sex offender registry at any point?

There are three tiers to the sex offender registry. Tier One is for low-risk sex offenders, Tier Two is for moderate-risk sex offenders, and Tier Three is for high-risk sex offenders. Moderate or high-risk sex offenders may not be removed from the sex offender registry, however, Tier One sex offenders, under certain circumstances, may be removed. A Tier One sex offender who meets the following qualifications may qualify for removal from the sex offender registry:

  • It’s been 15 years since their conviction and they have not committed another crime in that time
  • They are not determined to be a threat to the public
  • They were not convicted of aggravated assault or sexual assault involving penetration, physical force, or coercion

If you have any further questions or believe you may qualify for removal from the sex offender registry, give us a call today.

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