What is Indecent Exposure? Here’s Everything You Should Know.

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A crime of indecent exposure comes with consequences far harsher than most people think. If you are currently accused of indecent exposure, formally known as lewdness in New Jersey, you must continue reading and reach out to our experienced New Jersey indecent exposure lawyer who can fight for your future. Here are some of the questions you may have about the legal process ahead:

What is indecent exposure?

The state of New Jersey recognizes “indecent exposure” as a crime of lewdness. Essentially, when someone exposes an “intimate part” to a nonconsenting party, they may face lewdness charges. As long as a person commits a lewd or offensive act that is likely to be seen by non-consenting parties, they will most likely face these charges. It is important to note also that an act of lewdness can occur either on public or private property.

What happens if I’m convicted of lewdness in New Jersey?

Depending on the circumstances of the alleged act of lewdness, a person can face a wide array of consequences. For example, when the victim is a child under the age of 13 or someone with a mental disability, the offender will most likely face harsher penalties. The consequences of lewdness convictions in New Jersey are, typically, as follows:

  • Municipal Lewdness Offense: This is a disorderly persons offense, for which you may face up to six months of incarceration and a maximum $1,000 fine. You will also develop a criminal record.
  • Indictable Lewdness Crime: This is a fourth-degree crime, which entails up to 18 months of incarceration and a maximum $10,000 fine. Rather obviously, you will also develop a criminal record upon conviction of an indictable lewdness crime.

Don’t face charges of lewdness on your own. With so much on the line, it’s always best to simply retain the services of an experienced New Jersey sex crimes attorney who can fight to preserve your reputation and keep you out of jail. If you have any further questions or you need legal assistance, give us a call today. We are here to help.


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