Daniel G.

I would highly recommend, for such an outstanding job Lisa did for me, She's truly a fighter! The most positive experience I had during my trial was when Lisa's performance smashed my expectations, as she owned the courtroom. She knew how to present the case properly, how to provide the right amount of info and evidence to be able to achieve victory in the most effective way. During trial, on cross-examination, she literally destroyed the false accuser and impeached her on many lies so that the accuser got lost and started to say nonsensical statements. She prepared for trial for hours by meticulously interviewing me and constructing the sequence of events 5 years back and sometimes to the minutes and thus was able to properly come up with a strategy for cross-examination to impeach the false accuser against me. And she was able to use the info from the criminal trial and notes and transcripts to achieve victory in my family court trial saving me a huge amount of money, by pointing to the previous inconsistencies and errors made by the false accuser she crossed examined. I was very happy I hired her, She's truly a fighter. I recommended her to all my friends who find themselves in the same circumstances.

- Daniel G.

Christine K.

Michael Boyd is a great attorney. I cannot say enough wonderful things about him. My mother, who is a senior, was facing foreclosure after losing her job and after many attempts to make things work prior to meeting Michael, there seemed to be no hope. Michael was able to turn her situation around and she remained living in her home. Michael is extremely educated in his field and takes the time to listen and understand your situation by giving you all the best options available. We met with him on several occasions due to the nature and complexity of the matter. He always took the time to explain what he was doing every step of the way and made sure we understood everything before taking any steps. He is a patient, kind man who truly cares about the lives of his clients. Traci (his assistant) is a very bright and knowledgeable individual. She was always there to answer any questions and handle the background scene. She is friendly and accommodating and compassionate. If there was something she could not help with, she passed on a message and Michael got back to us right away. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone finding themselves in the need for an attorney.

- Christine K.

Dillon S.

Michael Boyd is a very professional, intelligent, and compassionate man. He is very thorough with his work and will help you understand everything as he goes. I highly recommend Mr. Boyd.

- Dillon S.

Jonathan H.

Michael Boyd was really helpful. He breaks everything down to where you understand. Easy spoken, honest guy. I would really recommend him to any friends and family or anyone who would need of his assistance.

- Jonathan H.

Angel H.

Michael Boyd is the best lawyer I ever meet in my life. Professional 100%! He knows what he's doing as a lawyer I recommend him any time. Thanks, Michael for helping the Hernandez family.

- Angel H.

Indiana H.

Very Professional!

- Indiana H.


Lisa is an excellent attorney, she deserves more than 5 stars. She is extremely knowledgeable and worked very hard on our case. She was always available to answer questions, made our case her top priority. She is not only one of the best attorneys, she is someone with a beautiful personality. She is so kind-hearted, caring, compassionate, but she is also tough and will fight for your case like a lion. We love you, Lisa! Thank you for your hard work!

- Gigi


Lisa was able to have my charge dismissed and expunged from my record. She is attentive to the details of the case and very personable. I would highly recommend Lisa if you are in need of Excellent legal services.

- Daniel


Very focused and efficient, one of the best !!! Represented me in court and won the case with fluent English and informative information.

- Simona


Lisa is an excellent Lawyer! She fought hard on my case, went beyond what she needed to do, and she made sure my case was her priority. One of the best lawyers I know that will fight hard for you and your case in New Jersey.

- Catherine


I was going through the darkest time of my 50 years of life when I reached out to Lisa Squitieri. After calling over 50 lawyers I finally found Lisa, I was scared, confused, and desperate. Lisa was very gentle and compassionate, she gave me real answers to questions that no one else would answer. she made me and my family feel at ease and worked so hard and going the extra mile is an understatement. Lisa called and gave her time any time of the day, she spoke to me at night and weekends when she was with her family. Lisa is a relentless lawyer she will make sure you will be successful. my case was so complicated and everyone told me I had no chance of winning but Lisa has so much experience and confidence you start to feel her confidence and before I knew the case was won and everything was over. I will be forever grateful to Lisa Squitieri for all the hard work she put in for me and my family. it's too scary to think what would have happened if I never found Lisa. She is a great lawyer and an even greater person. Thank You, Lisa Squitieri!

- Trucchio


If I could add 5 more stars, it wouldn't be enough!!! Lisa is Amazing!!! She is kind, patient, compassionate, and incredibly tough!!! She worked so hard for me, never gave up, and was always there when I needed her. She is Super Women!!!

- Michael

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