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Megan’s Law is a law that requires certain persons who have been convicted of a sexual offense to register yearly or quarterly with their local police department which potentially gives the state the right to publicly put personal information about the convicted sex offender and the crime on the internet. That information the State provides to the public is personal, such as the person’s photo, name, home address and work information. The law makes the convicted sex offender’s offense known to the public, meaning that anyone can access the information. As you can imagine, this can have a very serious impact on someone who has paid their debt to society and is just trying to get their life back again. This also affects their loved ones’ lives and anyone who lives with the registrant. If you are someone who finds yourself in this situation, you should strongly consider speaking with a knowledgeable New Jersey Megan’s Law attorney who can inform you of your options and determine the best route going forward. Contact the Law Office of Boyd & Squitieri today to learn more about how our legal team can assist you.

How Can a New Jersey Megan’s Law Attorney Help Me?

When someone is convicted of a sex offense and is required to register as a sex offender, in many cases, their private information, such as their name, picture, and address, will become public. Additionally, convicted sex offenders will have to inform local law enforcement every time they move. Further, most prospective employers will know that you are a convicted sex offender, drastically decreasing your chances of attaining gainful employment. For all these reasons, it is so important that you hire an experienced New Jersey sex crimes attorney who can assess your situation and work to help.

Megan’s Law Tiering

There are three tiers to Megan’s Law. They are as follows:

  • Tier 1: Low-risk sex offenders.
  • Tier 2: Moderate-risk sex offenders.
  • Tier 3: High-risk sex offenders.

Via the internet posting, the general public is permitted to view personal information about a person when he or she is a Tier 2 or 3 sex offender, such as their picture, birth date, and address. If a person is a Tier 3, the police will make “door to door” notification in addition to posting your information on the internet for the general public. When the police go “door to door” they knock on your neighbor’s doors, within a certain radius of the registrant’s home to personally give them a flyer with the registrant’s personal information on it. If you are facing a Megan’s Law Tier Hearing, contact an experienced New Jersey Megan’s Law attorney right here at the Law Office of Boyd & Squitieri.

Motion to Reduce Tier Designation

If you have been placed on Tier 2 or 3, you can apply for a Motion based on Changed Circumstances to lower your tier designation and potentially be removed from the internet registry. Determining changed circumstances is an in-depth analysis where the entire risk assessment is re-evaluated based on your current situation. Contact an experienced New Jersey Megan’s Law attorney right here at the Law Office of Boyd & Squitieri.

Eligibility to Be Removed From Megan’s Law

An adult who has been placed on Megan’s Law is eligible for termination of Megan’s Law after successfully complying with the law. To be eligible for removal, you must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be 15 years since your conviction, or release from incarceration – –whichever is longer
  • You must not have committed any other criminal offense in those 15 years
  • You must not be a threat to the public
  • You weren’t convicted of disqualifying charges

A child under the age of 14 who has been placed on Megan’s Law is eligible for termination of Megan’s Law once he turns 18 years old, if it can be established that he is not a threat to the public.

If you meet these criteria or you are not sure if you meet these criteria, our firm can verify the potential for success and can file a motion in the county where you reside to remove you from the Megan’s Law Registry.

Contact a New Jersey Megan’s Law Attorney

If you’ve been convicted of a sex crime and are now facing a Tier hearing, or believe you now qualify for removal from Megan’s Law or just want to reduce your tier designation, please do not hesitate to contact an experienced New Jersey Megan’s Law attorney right here at the Law Office of Boyd & Squitieri.

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