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New Jersey Parole Supervision for Life Attorney

Parole Supervision for Life and Community Supervision for Life, are special sentences imposed when a person is convicted of a sexual offense. Parole supervision for life (PSL) is only for crimes that occurred on or after January 4, 2014. Community Supervision for Life (CSL) is for crimes that occurred prior to January 4, 2014. Regardless of the Supervision, you will be required to answer to a supervising officer who will give you a list of requirements that you will be forced to live by. You may find that these conditions are too harsh and feel you have no choice, but you do. Even though you are on Supervision for life, you still have rights and an experienced New Jersey supervision for life lawyer at the Law Office of Boyd & Squitieri can help make sure your voice is heard without violating your conditions. Contact us today.

Do I Need a New Jersey Supervision for Life Lawyer?

Since supervision for life occurs after you have served your sentence, you technically do not need a lawyer. However, many times the Supervising Officer makes unreasonable conditions like prohibiting you from using the internet or visiting family. Having a lawyer who can interact with the Supervising Officer on your behalf can help reduce or eliminate these unreasonable conditions. Our legal team has effectively fought on behalf of individuals in your situation, and we are prepared to fight for you as well. Speak with a New Jersey supervision for life attorney today.

Violations of Supervision for Life Lawyer

Regardless of whether you are on CSL or PSL, a violation can cause your 15 years of supervision to restart. Plus, the violation could cause you to be incarcerated even if the violation is not a crime itself and is just one of the rules the Supervising Officer created, like curfew. Therefore, the penalties are harsh and you cannot afford to face them without an experienced New Jersey parole supervision lawyer to help you.

Penalties for Supervision for Life Violation in New Jersey

If a person is charged with a CSL violation, it is a criminal charge exposing the person to up to 18 months in jail when they actually did not commit a new crime. For example, the Supervising Officer can create a rule that you cannot have a child under 13 stay in your home. Then, if your other household members allow a child under 13 in the home, the person who is on CSL is automatically violated (even though he was not the person who agreed to it). There is nothing illegal about allowing an under 13-year-old in your home, but it is turned into a crime because it is a violation of your conditions.

If a person is on PSL, a violation can be a parole violation where there are no criminal charges, but the accused is arrested and waits in jail for his parole hearing. If the parole board determines a violation occurred, you get a parole hit and must serve a sentence. Also, besides a parole violation, the State of New Jersey can charge you with a 3rd-degree crime, exposing you to jail for 3-5 years for a simple technicality.

You cannot afford to face CSL or PSL without an experienced New Jersey sexual assault lawyer on your side.

Contact a New Jersey Supervision for Life Attorney

If you’ve been charged with CSL or PSL violation, your future is at stake. Our legal team is here to fight for your rights and have your story told. Contact the Law Office of Boyd & Squitieri today to schedule your initial consultation with our legal team.

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