Can Bankruptcy Make it Hard to Rent an Apartment?

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To put things simply, a prior bankruptcy can affect you when you attempt to rent an apartment. Most landlords are going to look into the history of a prospective tenant, and that bankruptcy filing is likely to show up there. Still, going through this process can still be one of the better decisions you can make regarding your financial future. A Bergen County Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer from our firm can help you weigh your options.

Does Bankruptcy Show Up on My Credit History When I Try to Rent an Apartment?

Yes, bankruptcy is going to show up when a landlord goes to check your credit. There really is no way of getting around that. How much your bankruptcy matters to the landlord can vary. If you meet their other criteria and seem like a good tenant otherwise, you may be fine. If it’s down to you and another potential tenant and everything else is basically equal, bankruptcy could be the deciding factor.

What if My Bankruptcy Was a Long Time Ago?

A good thing about bankruptcy is that it will have less of an effect on you as time goes on. A landlord might be reluctant to rent to someone who just went through bankruptcy, but if your bankruptcy happened 10 years ago? They are probably not going to care too much about that as long as you meet their other criteria.

This is also a good argument for going through bankruptcy as soon as you can. The sooner you complete the process, the sooner you can begin rebuilding your credit and finances.

What Can I Do to Make it Easier to Rent an Apartment?

It is unfortunate, but in some cases a prospective tenant with bankruptcy on their record is going to have to work just a bit harder than everyone else to secure that apartment or house rental. You can show that you will be a good tenant in other ways though. Some things that can tip the scales include:

  • Evidence of employment
  • References from others, including previous landlords
  • Showing a record of paying rent on time
  • Being willing to put down more money
  • Finding a co-signer

In some situations, you may be able to plead your case to a landlord, especially if they are a private owner and not a corporate landlord. If you can tell them why you went through bankruptcy and let them know more about how you can responsibly handle your finances now, you may be able to convince them to rent to you.

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