What Are the Best Defenses Against Armed Robbery Accusations?

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armed robbery accusations

Armed robbery accusations always need to be taken seriously. A conviction is almost certain to lead to a lengthy jail sentence, and there are so many potential factors that can complicate a case and cause a prosecutor to ask for more years in prison. This is why you need a defensive strategy, and a Bergen County criminal defense lawyer can help you find one.

What Are Some Ways to Defend Myself From Armed Robbery Accusations?

There are a few defensive strategies that can be employed when facing armed robbery accusations. Some popular ones include:

Duress: You committed the crime, but you were forced into it somehow.

You are innocent: It’s simple. You did not commit the crime you are accused of. There could be a case of mistaken identity or other errors that led the state to charge you.

Lack of evidence: The state needs to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. They don’t have enough evidence against you to do that.

Lack of intent: You never meant to rob the victim.

Should I Try to Clear My Name With the Police?

Unfortunately, trying to clear up the situation with the police is almost always a mistake, If they have decided to question you, they think that you are a suspect. Their findings are going to reflect that. You may think that you are giving them information that exonerates you, but they are just going to focus on anything that you say that can help them build a case against you.

Can Armed Robbery Accusations Lead to Jail Time?

Armed robbery accusations are serious because you are unlikely to get away with a light punishment if convicted. If your record is clean, your lawyer may be able to help you fight for lesser penalties like probation, fines, or court-ordered rehabilitation programs. However, you need to know that jail time is certainly on the table and you need to take your defensive strategy seriously.

A jail sentence for an armed robbery conviction can last a year or you could end up facing a life sentence. Factors that influence your sentencing can include:

  • Whether a firearm was involved
  • Your record and any previous robbery charges
  • The value of what was stolen
  • The nature of the stolen property
  • How many accomplices were involved in the crime
  • Whether you are currently on probation

When Should I Talk to an Attorney?

You should invoke your right to an attorney as soon as police start questioning you. A lawyer can speak on your behalf, preventing you from incriminating yourself. They can also help guide you through the legal process and ensure that you do not miss any important dates or deadlines. You do not want to miss a hearing date and end up with a warrant out for your arrest.

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