What Should I Do if I’m Arrested for a Sex Crime in New Jersey?

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Sex crimes are among the most serious and stigmatized offenses in New Jersey. If you are accused of a sex crime, such as sexual assault, child pornography, prostitution, or luring, you may face severe consequences, including prison time, sex offender registration, community supervision for life, and social ostracism. That’s why it’s crucial to know what to do if you are arrested for a sex crime and how to protect your rights and reputation. Please continue reading and reach out to a seasoned New Jersey sex crimes attorney from the Law Office of Boyd & Squitieri to learn more about the steps you should take after being arrested for a sex crime and how our firm can defend your future.

Steps to Take After Being Arrested for a Sex Crime

  • Remain silent and ask for a lawyer. You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney when you are arrested. Do not answer any questions or make any statements without your lawyer present. Anything you say can be used against you in court and may harm your defense. The police may try to pressure you into confessing or admitting guilt, but you should resist their tactics and insist on speaking to your lawyer.
  • Contact an experienced sex crime defense lawyer as soon as possible. Sex crimes are complex and require specialized legal knowledge and skills. You need a lawyer who has experience in handling sex crime cases and who knows how to challenge the evidence, expose the weaknesses of the prosecution’s case, and present a strong defense on your behalf. A sex crime defense lawyer can also advise you on your options, such as negotiating a plea deal, seeking a dismissal, or going to trial.
  • Do not discuss your case with anyone else. Besides your lawyer, you should not talk about your case with anyone else, including your family, friends, co-workers, or cellmates. You never know who might be listening or recording your conversations and who might testify against you in court. You should also avoid using social media or any other online platforms that could reveal information about your case or damage your reputation.
  • Follow your lawyer’s instructions and cooperate with your defense. Your lawyer is your best ally and advocate in this situation. You should follow their instructions and cooperate with them fully. Provide them with any information or evidence that could help your defense, such as alibis, witnesses, or documents. Attend all court hearings and meetings with your lawyer. Follow any bail conditions or court orders that apply to you. And most importantly, trust your lawyer’s judgment.

Being arrested for a sex crime can be a frightening and stressful experience. But you don’t have to face it alone. With the help of a skilled and dedicated sex crime defense lawyer, you can fight for your rights and freedom. Contact the Law Office of Boyd & Squitieri today so we can get started working on your case.